NORMAL by Anthony Neilson

Directed by Brendan Harrington

After dipping our toe into something-a-bit-more-modern territory with Love and Understanding, it was now time to go completely submerge ourselves.

Based on the true crimes of The Düsseldorf Ripper, Normal was a rather challenging and disturbing play with healthy doses of very dark humour. Anthony Neilson is one of my favourite playwrights and I passionately believe Normal is the most brilliant script we've ever taken on.  It has layers and layers to peel away and discover.

Whilst a few struggled with the contrasting dual tones, the majority loved this dark departure from us and were eager to discuss it once the curtain came down.  


Wehner ................ Iain Clarke
Kurten ................ Neil Knipe
Frau Kurten ....... Lisa Quinn