Normal by Anthony Neilson

Directed by Iain Clarke, Neil Knipe & Leanne O'Rourke

A return to one of my favourite plays ever.

After the self imposed hiatus of Bite My Thumb, I felt it wise to get back into the swing of things with a show that would be easy to stage, familiar and one I was passionate about. Also myself and Iain (who played Wehner in the 2011 production) always joked that we'd like to swap roles if we ever did the show again.

I wanted to give him the chance/gift to play Kurten. Especially as I always felt I never did the part justice in 2011 - unproductively obsessing over it far too much - trying to be too clever, making the role much too subtle and bland.

Delving back into the script was wonderful, on every reading we made new discoveries that unlocked the play further. We understood the script so much more this time which allowed us to do it justice. In performance too we created a far more sinister and disturbing tone which was absent first time around. This was partly achieved through using low fi tech like cine projectors, OHP's and cassette tape players to provide all our lighting and sound - an idea which nearly overshadowed the powerful performances of the cast.


Kurten .................. Iain Clarke
Wehner ................. Neil Knipe
Frau Kurten ........ Leanne O'Rourke