Bouncing Back by Joe Mills

Directed by Neil Knipe

Bouncing Back was the privilege of a show to do.


This criminally unknown play is a sequel to John Godber's Bouncers and a hidden gem. It was our tenth year as a theatre company and we really wanted to do something special.


I had a hazy memory of seeing Bouncing Back advertised in a What's On guide when I'd been to Bradford Alhambra to see Warren Mitchell in Visiting Mr Green years previous.  I wasn't even sure of the title of the show, just a publicity shot.

A bit of Google detective work helped me track down the play and its author, Joe Mills.  Mills had been given very special permission by Godber to produce the play - so it had only ever been staged the once.  Mills very kindly gave us permission to perform the play if we could get blessing from Godber too.  We were very grateful to Godber when, he graciously allowed us to revive this special play.

The script is a wonderful continuation and homage to the original whilst still treading it's own path. References to the original are light and it's not at all the rehash or pale imitation that some may fear. The hysterics our audiences were in easily matched (if not surpassed) those evident when we did the original.


Lucky Eric ............ Mark Rogers
Judd ..................... Ben Chamberlain
Ralph ................... Scott Oakley
Les ....................... Shane Gough

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