Our one show that always seems like such an unusual choice.


We came across this show just as it had been released by the publishers, Samuel French.  It was an unknown play by an unknown writer.


I still don't know what drew us to this script when we had been looking at so many others - throughout rehearsals I described it as a kind of one off drama you'd see on ITV on a Sunday night starring Martin Clunes.

Yes, this simple little show was an odd choice but that's not to disparage the show at all.  It was a solid little play about a heist that doesn't go completely to plan - things go even more awry when some of the group's wives become suspicious.  It had a killer twist reveal and perfect cliff-hanger of an ending.


John ............ David Firth

Gemma ....... Natalie Hart
Phil ............. Neil Knipe

Gillian ........ Lorraine Parsk
Dave ........... Danny White

Audacity by Simon Mawdsley

Directed by Brendan Harrington